26 September 2010


For little more reason than that it was free, I downloaded an eBook of Ulysses to my iPad. Not for the first time, I am finding accessible a book which had been impenetrable when it had previously been a school assignment. I understand why it was considered controversial, in its time it must have been quite subversive. To be honest, many, if they could be bothered to interrupt their vacuous lives long enough to read it, would find it offensive today.

Anyway, good stuff, though sometimes difficult.

20 September 2010

Sir Alex

I can't help but respect his accomplishments, but for Ferguson to accuse Torres of cheating beggars the imagination. O'Shea easily could have been sent off, and Nani spent the entire match flailing theatrically to the ground.

Manchester United deserved the win; Liverpool didn't even show up until half time, and showed precious little creativity even then. Berbatov's first and third goal were aided by poor marking, but the second was spectacular.

Still, Ferguson's ability to ignore facts when it suits him is unbecoming.

PS - Carragher seems to be lining up another three year contract; it is hard for me to imagine that sentimentality aside he will be good enough to deserve even a spot on the bench in three years. Never fast, he is slowing. He shouldn't be an automatic selection any more.

16 September 2010


The NCAA, especially when it comes to men's football, is a bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites. Old, rich, white men out of touch with reality.

Reggie Bush was the best college player in 2005. If the NCAA rule he broke had given him some unfair advantage, I could see removing the award, but no one is claiming that. These young men deserve to be paid as the entertainers they are (spare me the "student athlete" rhetoric). They generate billions of dollars and can't accept pocket money.

O.J. Simpson and Billy Cannon both have retained their Heisman Trophy. Human cesspools like Jerramy Stevens slime their way through college and the NFL.

The truth is that the Heisman Trophy is a joke in my mind. Like the Pro Bowl, it's mostly a popularity contest. Gino Toretta? Charlie Ward? Danny Wuerffel? Chris Weinke?

Give me a break.