27 March 2010

Why I'm No Longer A Republican

First, they denied we needed health care reform at all. Now, they tell us we need to repeal the not-even-yet-enacted legislation and replace it with a Republican version. If health care is really not broken, why not simply repeal? And if it is broken, why did they refuse to participate in a bipartisan dialogue? I honestly don't believe the Democrats are any better, but to be honest, the Republicans are just embarrassing at this point.

Barry Goldwater is spinning like a lathe.

And don't even get me started on the tea party nonsense.

25 March 2010

More Tempering (but not temperance)

Runner's World has a training calculator that projects your time in a race based on a previous result. My December 5k finish projected a 10k time of 1:09:07; after two months of training I beat that by five and a half minutes. My actual 10k time of 1:03:23 projected to a half marathon time of 2:19:50, which was surprisingly accurate, but I only had three weeks of additional training. My actual time of 2:19:05 projects to a 5k time of 30:16. So maybe I shouldn't be too cocky about finishing under 30 minutes.

Also, I have registered for next year's ING Half. I could have registered for the full for only $7 more (you can still decide to run the half up until the split around mile seven), but if I ever do a full marathon (and I'm thinking late 2011), I think it will be somewhere flatter than Atlanta.

24 March 2010

More Running

But not just yet. Today will be the first time this year that I've gone three days in a row without running. I'm still a little sore, but have mostly recovered. I plan to run this 5k in May and to use an adapted version of this training schedule. I'm confident I can significantly improve on my PR (33:04), since I've subsequently run longer races at a faster pace than that. I will be disappointed if I don't finish in less than thirty minutes though my enthusiasm is tempered by the knowledge that I've never run a race in the heat.

Then nine weeks to get ready for the Peachtree (where I'll be in wave "F"; surprisingly near the front).

21 March 2010

ING Georgia Half Marathon

I ended up finishing the ING in 2:19, which is better than I honestly thought I could do (it's actually a slightly faster pace than my best 5k, though I've been training a lot harder since then). The last mile was murder; I don't know whether it was because I didn't train well enough or started too fast or some other reason, but it hurt. A lot.

I'm thinking of running a 5k in early May, which will mean I don't have to run as many miles for training and can do some speed work to improve my pace a little.

This afternoon I successfully registered for the Peachtree Circus Road Race I'm not sure how fast the 45,000 slots filled, but as I write this, the race is full and registration opened less than six hours ago. There are 10,000 more slots to be awarded by lots. The ING had about 15,000 entrants; I have a hard time imagining almost four times that many runners.

But I'm going to take a few days off first.

20 March 2010


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17 March 2010


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16 March 2010

A big week

Yesterday, we learned that Blaise was wait-listed by Ga Tech. It's not what we were hoping for, obviously, but it's not a disaster. As I understand it, the majority applicants are rejected outright, so at least he made the cut. We know people who were wait-listed and later made it in, and Blaise compares favorably to them (in terms of AP classes, GPA, and SAT scores). It means we'll have to proceed with matriculating at a different school (Auburn, most likely) and hope we hear better news in May.

Poker game tomorrow night, but that's no big deal.

Saturday is the Georgia high school championship fencing tournament. Blaise will be seeded somewhere around 5th before the pools. He could fence better than last year and still get a worse result. I worry that he expects to improve on the bronze medal he won last year. While he's capable of that, there are probably about ten other fencers with a legitimate chance for a medal; if the brackets break badly for him he could have to beat as many as three of them, which would be very difficult. You might not think so, but luck plays a significant role in who wins a head-to-head tournament. Trevor will be seeded, too, though probably somewhere in the 25-30 range.

Sunday is the ING Georgia Marathon, of which I will be running the "half" version. Well, mostly running; there will be some walking in there. The weather forecast doesn't look too bad; maybe not quite as cool as I'd like, but cloudy and 48 is better than sunny and 70.

13 March 2010


We received a letter from the Census Bureau informing us that the Census form would be arriving in the next week. What struck me is that the Bureau's web address was not printed anywhere on the page. I know the government doesn't attract top marketing talent, but on a "get the word out" communication somebody should have thought to include the web.

The other thing that struck me is that in conversation, a couple of people have expressed mistrust of the Census process. But the Census questionnaire is unlikely to uncover anything about you that Citibank and Google and Amazon don't already know. Those companies (and others like them) stay awake at night trying to use that information to separate you from as much of your money as they possibly can. Our government is mostly inefficient and inept, but (with a handful of important exceptions) well-intended.

10 March 2010


I'm convinced that Norton's Anti-Virus has done more to slow computer performance than adware, spyware, etc. combined.

04 March 2010

03 March 2010