30 December 2009

Avatar 3D

Skip it. The plot is predictable, the dialog is hackneyed, the characters are all cliche, and Cameron makes only a token nod to character arc. It's a pretty movie, but also a pretty bad movie.

29 December 2009

Change Blindness

I'm pretty sure I'd be in the 75% who didn't notice.
Brief Video
Hat Tip

27 December 2009

Breakfast at Brennan's

Bananas Foster at the restaurant that invented the dish.

23 December 2009

Stretch Goal

In spite of my disappointing result in the 5k, I've decided to try and run a 10k in 2010 (and maybe a half the following year, but let's see how the 10 goes). I have registered for the Charles Harris 10k, which gives me about 9 weeks to train. My main goal is to just to finish but hopefully not in last place. Yesterday I ran the easier 2 mile route in our neighborhood in 20:34. That pace would have come in 99th out of 106 in my age group in last year's race.

20 December 2009

Weekend Scorecard

Bad News:
  • Saints - lost to the NFL team I most despise.
  • Liverpool - lost to last place Portsmouth.
  • Fantasy (American) Football - Second most points in the league this week. Eliminated by a team that scored 145 points less than me on the season.
  • Running - Managed to do worse than last year in the Virginia Highlands 5k even though I trained harder this year.
Good News:
  • Blaise won gold medal in the the D&Under tournament today.
  • Achieved "Novice" at Project Euler (it's harder than it sounds).
  • I remain healthy, employed, and well-thought of by most of the people whose opinion I value (though there's a distinct risk of a selection bias).
It felt like a pretty rough weekend, but most of the setbacks were (a) completely outside of my control and (b) in the end, just not very important.

Doodle Jump

Seriously addictive. Also, trevor topped myhigh score in about four

19 December 2009

Virginia Highlands Christmas 5k

33:11 by my watch. Very disappointing.

18 December 2009

Project Euler Level 3

It's taken about nine months, but last night I finally moved up to Level 3 (novice). Completing 100 of these problems is a pretty substantial amount of work, and it sure feels like it deserves a better title than novice. It will take another fifty to get to Level 4. (sigh)

05 December 2009


Dire. The first 60-70 minutes were completely without merit. Liverpool created some pressure and chances at the end, but got little value out of it. A poor match.