29 September 2009


Misty, tidy, chilly. Awful picture, but that's the view from gate A62.

28 September 2009

Phones on planes

I am sitting on a plane waiting to fly to Zurich and then on to
Prague. The guy a couple of sears over just had a long phone
conversation about, well, nothing. But i heard every word he said. The
thought of listening to that sort of vapid nonsense for eight hours is
chilling. It is nonsense to suggest that phones interfere with the
navigation systems, but they could well lead to homicide.

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My ride to Zurich

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26 September 2009


Terrible defending allowed Hull to equalize early on, but the outcome of the match was never really in doubt. At every moment, Liverpool looked more likely to add to their lead than concede a second goal. Torres was clinical in his dismantling of the Hull defense. He completed his hat trick so early in the second half that some at Anfield might not yet have returned to their seats.

Away matches this week at Fiorentina and at Stamford Bridge will prove much sterner tests.

Homecoming 2009


In general, the 2005 vintage was an excellent one across the major wine producing regions. I have tasted at least a couple dozen 05 Bordeaux and until last night they had ranged from good to fantastic. This Croix de Beaucaillou has bucked that trend, delivering a poor excuse for a St Julien. As David said "This wine is everything I hate about California Cabs." There are good California Cabs, but this would not be among them. Oh, and it wasn't cheap.

25 September 2009

Flooding around Atlanta

We live near the top of a hill, our house will never serious flood problems (though we did have a puddle of water on the basement floor.

Others around Atlanta can't say the same (pictures).

19 September 2009


Dodgy defending by Liverpool made this a close game, but at least it was entertaining. Torres's first goal was pure quality, while Kuyt's deflection of Gerrard's header cost my fantasy team 3 points. Strangely, Benitez had Carragher and Skrtel on opposite sides from their normal assignment, and Carragher had an awful first half.

West Ham seemed content to concede possession (or unable to prevent it), but Hines and Cole looked dangerous when the ball did occasionally find its way to that end of the pitch. Reina looked unsteady, though I'm not sure you can pin either conceded goal on him.

I shouldn't be surprised to see a different and weaker side in Leeds Tuesday.

14 September 2009

Just how wrong can you be

I'm guessing that Donald Luskin wishes it weren't so easy to see year-old articles talking about how wrong the economic worriers were.

Here's a quote: "...we're on the brink not of recession, but of accelerating prosperity".


12 September 2009


It was a comfortable and deserved win against a club that doesn't have the quality to compete for a top league finish. Kuyt's goal surely looked offside, but then Benayoun's disallowed goal looked onside. Twice Gerrard was denied by superb saves by the keeper.

Benayoun was brilliant, and Lucas looked comfortable in a holding role. Degen finally made his league debut, and he looked decent. He should be well rested, finally registering a league appearance fourteen months after signing.

11 September 2009

Expect to pay more for gas

If the EIA is right, gas prices are about to start rising. Note that the Q409 increase YoY is based on a seriously depressed Q408 demand. Still, my observation is that the market responds to the trend, and more demand means upward price pressure.

10 September 2009

One Year

Tuesday came and went without my noting that it had been one year since my first post. I have found the exercise has been challenging and worthwhile. Let's see if I can make it to two.

07 September 2009

25 Cocktails

Off-focus has listed 25 drinks every bartender should know; the list having originated at Bar Smarts. I'm certain that I've not yet tried four of them: Bellini, Blood and Sand, Pisco Sour, and Stinger. I can't swear to three others: Gimlet, Mai Tai, and Sidecar. Seven seems a small enough number that crossing the remainder off the list seems practical.

Oh, and in a brief interview at Nola.com, David Wondrich suggests that the Ramos Gin Fizz deserves to be the considered the quintessential New Orleans cocktail over the Sazerac. Wondrich is one of the foremost experts on the cocktail. He may be right, but I prefer the Sazerac (and it's a lot easier to make).


A weekend good enough for a derivative is good enough for an original.
This is a daiquiri. Sweet and sour and not frozen. Yum.

05 September 2009

Fireman's Sour

Almost a daiquiri; tasty and worth trying. If you don't mind a drink
that's pink.

New Recipe

I am always happy to find a recipe that looks tasty, I haven't tried before, and can be built from the contents of my bar. Bonus points are awarded for brandied cherries. Marleigh Riggins Miller and David Miller provide an excellent cocktail resource at Sloshed; the most recent entry offers just such a recipe. I plan to try one this evening. Given that I only have enough limes for two and we have house guests, I'll probably run out and stock up.

Fireman's Sour
  • ½ oz grenadine
  • ½ tsp simple syrup
  • 2 oz light Puerto Rican rum
  • juice of 1 lime

Shake all ingredients over ice and strain into a sour glass filled with ice. Garnish with a lime wedge and a brandied cherry (or two).

03 September 2009

The Economist on Health Care

Once again, the economist provides a brief, clear, and dispassionate analysis.

Health Care Debate

Here's what I know:
1) Health Care in the US is broken.
2) Obama has proposed doing something.

Here's what I surmise:
The Republicans disagree with #1, because they offer no solutions, only object to Obama's.

Claims that the free markets are working in health care are fairly easy to refute.

Stop the Presses

A black man was arrested in Harahan. The only reason it was reported is that this one happens to be a professional athlete.

One of the best parts of having left New Orleans is that I am seldom reminded of this backwards redneck enclave surrounded by the river to the south and civilization on the other three sides. When we lived in River Ridge, we had to pass through Harahan to get, well, almost anywhere. Harahan is proud of it's small-town law enforcement mentality, but it always appeared to us that stopped drivers were inevitably African American. What a coincidence.